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About Us


Behind Diantha The Grand


DIANTHA EXCLUSIVE is a Muslim clothing brand that was first introduced since March 2017. It is wholly owned by Diantha Resources with SSM list: 002676403-X. Operates online on a startup basis through social sites like Instagram and Facebook. The links are as follows:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diantha_thegrand

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dianthathegrand

DIANTHA EXCLUSIVE goes further and develops sales branches with the opening of our official website www.dianthatg.com. With that our brand fan called “DIANTHA’s ANGEL” can browse our official website to facilitate purchase of the product.

DIANTHA EXCLUSIVE brings a relaxed and simple “style” and “design” but looks “exclusive” and appeals to suit any occasion. Our fashionable styles can be styled for:

  • Any official ceremony
  • Any unofficial occasions
  • Any casual occasions
  • Celebrations
  • Go to the office
  • To lecture (IPT students)

DIANTHA EXCLUSIVE will strive to produce more products in the future and we have further mission to make our brand famous especially in Malaysia and Asia generally.